We offer a product that has been designed for 64-72 Oldsmobile. See Customers page for reviews. New Customer photo's of installation regularly posted. Each is soundly constructed virtually indestructible. Can be installed as is or used as a base for further customizing. We look forward to seeing many different vehicles posted. Our Customers have thanked us for providing something out of the ordinary that can not be found any place else. We look forward to your requests for additional products. Gladly consider idea's that will have multi vehicle applications. Reasons to purchase a Center Console. First and foremost is Safety of hands free, not having to hold items, drink etc. Customized look from stock interior.

Our products can make your vehicle look unique and stylish. Area to install accessories: stereo, speakers, gauges, floor shift. Storage inside console by cutting opening for access. Because your wife told you not to buy. These are positive aspects that a console can offer your vehicle, however, there is at least one negative to consider before purchasing. Your car will not have stock look. Installed console can easily be removed leaving no damage. This is a great idea and continues to add to the individuality of your car. Visit our Customers page to see accessories added to a console.

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Our Products are designed for Cars

Oldsmobile Cutlass, 442 - Pontiac GTO, Grand Prix

1970 olds convertible 67  442 classic console bucket seats 65 olds cutlass cruiser console
 85 olds 69 olds 442 66 GTO
78 oldsmobile cutlass center console 72 olds cutlass center console 75 Pontiac grand Prix center console
81 Cutlass center console 80 trans am center console 68 pontiac firebird drink holder center console
71 cutlass 442 center console 68 firebird center console dash panel 66 oldsmobile cutlass modern cup holder console
69 olds cutlass modern center cup holder console pontiac console
original bench seat console original bucket seats console
modern bench seat console modern bucket seats console
custom console classic console
cruiser console rally console
arm rest console overhead console
extension console sun visor
gt sport a/c duct  

Classic Truck Consoles was formed to market the original design of a center console for Classic Chevy Trucks. After requests for other car consoles we decided to see which vehicles our products would fit including Oldsmobile. It seems just about any car. Manufactured locally in the Florida Keys in our fiberglass boat building business of 42 plus years working exclusively with fiberglass. The quality of workmanship is what you would expect of a boat builder. We created our Consoles for a needed market. And are proud that the enthusiast have been pleased with our many different products and designes.

The Original Car Console manufactured in USA

Installed in: Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Pickups, Classic and Collectible Cars and Trucks including Cutlass, 442, GTO. Custom fit many cars/trucks. The distance from bottom of dash to transmission hump (floor) is 14". Only slight modification needed to give a custom installed look. Adaptable to accept many accessories and storage, relocation of stereo, ashtray, a/c controls, power window, door lock switches, gauges and drink holders. Floor shift can be added eliminating column shift. Use your own imagination. Installed in show cars, trucks and muscle cars. May require some modifications depending on dash height to transmission. Cut openings using a cutting disk tool and jig saw for your car accessories. Trim to fit where console meets your dash some cases no trimming is necessary. Fits under dash than contours to the transmission tunnel. Flanges can be added using L brackets to secure to floor. Bench seat version available short console, long console for bucket seats, depending on console additions available for armrest and extension to extend console to rear seat.

100% marine grade fiberglass made in the USA.


Constructed of high quality hand laid fiberglass in white gloss gel coat. Paint or upholster for finished effect. Thank you for visiting hope you find something you need to hold your car accessories.

100% Guaranteed satisfaction our Goal.

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