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We design our products to fit your 69 Shelby GT Mustang, Pony car. Only slight modification needed to give a custom installed look. Adaptable to accept many accessories and storage, relocation of stereo, ashtray, a/c controls, power window, door lock switches, gauges and drink holders. Floor shift can be added eliminating column shift. Use your own imagination.

Mustang center console.Not every classic Ford Mustang center console owner is looking for OEM-quality interior components. Hot Rodders, Customizers and builders of Restomods — or street machines — have been adding personal touches to their cars and trucks for generations. And there are a number of said owners and builders who are looking to add consoles between the buckets or in front of the bench seat.

We offer a product that can be adapted to many installations for the Classic. View our Customers page to see reviews and photo's of 67, 68, 69 Mustangs. New Customer's photo's are regularly posted. Each console soundly constructed virtually indestructible. They can be installed as is or used as a base for further customizing.We look forward to seeing many different vehicles posted on our List and showing the Photo's. Our Customers have thanked us for providing something out of the ordinary that can not be found any place else. We look forward to your requests for additional products.

We will gladly consider idea's that will have multi vehicle applications. 5. Reasons to purchase.

  • 1. First and foremost is Safety of hands free, not having to hold items, drink etc.
  • 2. Customized look from stock interior if you want to make your vehicle look unique and stylish.
  • 3. Place to install accessories: stereo, speakers, gauges, floor shift.
  • 4. Storage,inside is hollow additional accessories can be added.
  • 5. Because your wife told you not to buy.

These are positive aspects that our product can offer your vehicle, however, there is at least one negative to consider before purchasing. Your 67, 68 Mustang will not have stock look. Installed consoles can easily be removed leaving no damage. This is a great idea and continues to add to the individuality of your vehicle. Visit our Customers page to see the accessories added to consoles. Truck accessories and car accessories.

Our idea's continue to add to the individuality of your 67, 68, 69 Mustang. Visit our Customers page to see the accessories added to consoles. Truck accessories and car accessories.Mustang Shelby GT, 67, 68, 69 Mustang console. Boss Mustang 302, Shelby Mustang.

Rally same for Camaro

67 68 69 Mustang Shelby console fastback and convertible modern design for classics

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1966-1969 Fords, GT350 Shelby Fastback

A new product for owners and enthusiasts who have been booking for something other than what is currently available.

Customer provided photo's

65 mustang center console gt sport rally console cup holders classic sold in 2014 66 mustang center console gt sport rally console with metal trim brent langley purchased 2014  66 mustang center console rally with double din owned by john serao purchased 2016
67 ford console GT fast back rally console classic owner tore haugen purchased 2014 ford fairlane center console 56 ford center console
67 console with dash panel custom work performed by wooldlands started 2016
Here the latest. 1967 Mustang. Keep up the good work. Great craftsmanship A+. I have one more to install next week in my friends 56 Nomad, he is the one that told me about you. Lucky me.
Thanks John

Designed for 67, 68, 69 Mustang console GT, Shelby Mustang. Consoles will fit many different year vehicles. Mustang Rally or GT Sport console depending on the distance from your dash to transmisson hump choose console that best fits your application. Consoles are designed to be trimmed for tight fit at dash.

original bench seat console original bucket seats console
modern bench seat console modern bucket seats console
custom console classic console
cruiser console rally console
arm rest console overhead console
extension console sun visor
gt sport a/c duct  

100% marine grade fiberglass made in the USA.


Constructed of high quality hand laid fiberglass in white gloss gel coat. Paint or upholster for finished effect. Thank you for visiting hope you find something you need to hold your car accessories.

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